A Call for Sections (Bumped)

Hey all, what sections do you want us to post? Video Magazine, Road Fools, Megatour, or any other sections from our existing videos. Much of our archives have never been online, we want to change that. We recently filmed a “public service announcement” with Catfish basically saying the same thing, except with a really disgusting mustache. Watch at your own peril. Let us know in the comments below, either with section names or how kooked Catfish is. Hit em!

At the end of the vid, “Ron” is mentioned. This is what he’s talking about.



  1. Props Groundworks. In all it’s entirety. Or just put out on DVD, please.

  2. Ben Hittle bio!

    • Hey Mike, the Hittle Bio will be part of Issue 78 which hasn’t been released yet. Should be out on DVD within the next month or so.

  3. Sean Harriston

    Post either Jersey Scene Report, Ralph Bio, or Tiseo memorial

  4. 1. Day Smith interview.
    2. Any Push contest(The one I’m thinking of is in the same video as the Day Smith interview).
    3. Jesse Whaley profile.

  5. P.S. Props has always been fucking amazing, keep it up guys.

  6. road fools 10! brian terada ! sergio layos bio!please!

  7. Bethlehem scene report from issue 21 would be siccckkkkkkkk

  8. jared swafford bio!

  9. More suggestions.
    1. The Fuzzy interview from Road Fools 2.
    2. Phoenix scene report (The older one, not the one from issue 50).
    3. Denver scene report.

  10. Jay Miron Interview from 96ish I think?

    • Nevermind on the Miron section, I see it’s already up there. How about the Chad D. and Dave F. interview done at Woodward on the golf carts?

  11. Paul Bishton

    Red Bull trick or treat jam from props 71??

  12. Scott McGill

    Issue 54 Ruben / Sergio Spain Trip

  13. And aiken, Joe, taj, or stauffer.

  14. I know this ones weird. But I wanna see the original commercials from road fools Europe if possible

  15. Pittsburgh scene report from issue 47.

  16. There was a PA scene report in the first ever issue of Props I bought, think it was a scene report, had a bunch of footage from Posh and some street, think it had a Blink 182 song called ‘waggy’ if my memory serves me correct! Joe Rich was riding amongst others… Would love to see that again!

    There was a Chris Duncan bio in the same episode..

    • Ignore me… Just saw it posted.. Was Bethlehem scene report haha. Awesome. Brings back some memories. PUNK ROCK! ha

  17. how about a feature kinda like levans church gap recall but with rubens gap to sharkfin from road fools europe?

  18. hi,
    it would be cool if you could do like a B.S contest series compilation.
    or a compilation with footage from the old hoffman park in oklahoma.

  19. Andrew Faris interview from Props 19

  20. Road Fools 2!! That is my (and alot of my friends) favorite video! Put it out on DVD or online. Grew up watching that!

    & Props Best Of Dirt 1997
    Props Best Of Street 1997

    grew up watching those too. Loved the credit sections that went for hours!!

  21. Will Talamelli

    how about the roadtrip with Nate Wessell, Aaron Bostrom, Dave Jacobs, Adam Banton and probably more people that I can’t remember if I am being too vague the trip opened with Nate talking to a park ranger type guy asking him for “the closest place to shred”

  22. NJ Scene Report or the 1st mtv sport & music fest

  23. I just got back from portland and yea def Road Fools 2.

  24. Please can you put up “BEST OF DIRT 97”
    This was the vid me and the lads watched most until the video machine chewed it up.
    Not seen for about 8 years now.
    If you could find it, it would make my year!

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