Announcing Owned: 2011 rider lineup

UPDATE: Now on iTunes!

After many months working to arrange the first Owned: 2011 project, we’re excited to announce the debut rider lineup. Check it!

DK’s Drew Bezanson, by filmer/editor Stew Johnson

Nike 6.0’s Jason Phelan, by filmer/editor Will Evans

Sunday’s Alex Magallan, by filmer/editor Stew Johnson

Premium’s Dan Foley, by filmer/editor Terrell Gordy

Madera’s Tom Villarreal, by filmer/editor Stew Johnson

Check out the Owned 2011 pages for bios and info on all these dudes.

Filming has been underway for some of these guys already, so look for the behind the scenes edits to start coming in soon.

A very special thanks to everyone involved in the project, especially the sponsors helping to support the series.


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