Ask on Twitter – Kareem Williams Part 1

In a slow motion hazed stupor, perma-red jeaned Kareem Williams answers your questions from Twitter about riding, who’s out to get him, being the son of Stew Johnson, his favorite tricks, his disgusting fingernails, getting his own TV show, and other questions he can’t understand. Since Kareem can’t read, a frazzled Catfish guest stars reading the questions to Kareem in a painfully slow fashion. We just point the camera folks.

As a side note – Catfish had an actual train horn installed in his Volkswagen a couple years ago, which is deafeningly loud as heard in the beginning of the segment. On the drive to Kareem’s house, he apparently blew it off trying to scare someone waiting at a stoplight near railroad tracks. The train horn sound activated the railroad crossing gates, which came down on the car. Only Catfish folks, only Catfish.

A special thanks to Brian Hunt for manning the b-cam. Follow Brian on Twitter.

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