@AskProps w/ Chad Kerley Tuesday

Chad Kerley’s been making waves through the BMX community recently and this is your chance to ask him what’s up. Hit him up on Twitter between now and Tuesday and you might get an answer. Just send your questions and comments to @AskProps or on our Facebook page, and this Tuesday Chad will be answering you.

You can also check the Twitter feeds at the new @AskProps tab above.


  1. Chris Pizz

    Yo chad, what is it like turning pro at such a young age and who influenced your riding the most? btw you kill it!

  2. how do you contact premium and do make a wish come true and send me up to cali to see you for my bday hahahahahaha

  3. yo chad u going to get a signature from premium or you just going to ride dan Foley new frame

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