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  • Travel Thoughts

    Travel Thoughts

    There’s something about traveling that’s hard to explain. You’ve come to the end of your trip, money spent, and everything you could’ve ever imagined has been done and seen. New people have been met, new spots have been ridden, and ever-lasting stories have been created. But like always, eventually it’s time to head home. Being home is great. Sleeping in your own bed, eating at your favorite restaurants, hanging out with old friends. But soon once home, like clockwork, you’ll […]

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  • Setup – Mike Miller

    Setup – Mike Miller

    Proper Bikes’ camera shy UK shredder Mike Miller has his body double Brian Gonzales sit in and give you a quick run down on Mike’s Signature Proper TTL. Brian had just a handful of mistakes (he’s a body double, what do you expect?) so make sure to check out Proper’s website for a more accurate description of what Mike rides on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more of Mike and the Proper guys in the “Proper Texas” series coming […]

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  • Odyssey/Full Factory Warehouse Sale!

    Odyssey/Full Factory Warehouse Sale!

    Jim Bauer gives you guys a quick preview inside of the Odyssey and Full Factory sale going on Saturday, April 16th. With bargain prices and a BMX demo/Jam out back, this is something your not going to want to miss if you live anywhere around the SoCal area. Check back for more coverage right here on

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  • Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    A BMX filmer’s skateboard. When used correctly it can make that boring shot just a little more special. It can be used as transportation or as a dolly. As a tripod, seat, downtime fun, bunnyhop measurement tool, or an opener of adult beverages. It can even cause pain. Some people may ask why? Why use a skateboard when you have a perfectly capable bike to roll on? Skateboards allow for two handed operation, a more stable camera, and ultimately smoother lines. How […]

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  • Owned 2011 – Dan Foley BTS Edit 1

    Owned 2011 – Dan Foley BTS Edit 1

    While filming for the debut release of the Summer 2011 Owned, Dan Foley recently traveled to Austin, TX seeking warm sanctuary from the Maryland winter. In the first of many behind the scenes Owned edits to come, Dan explores Austin for the first time checking out spots, chatting with Austinites, and clocking clips for his section. We shot over a quick interview to Dan asking about the project and how he liked Austin, which follows below.

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  • Photo by Terrell Gordy

    Query? – Leigh Ramsdell

    Leigh Ramsdell is the type of guy who wears a lot of hats. He plans trips, buys plane tickets, shoots photos and video, still is a great bike rider (also just as sketchy as ever), and is even on his way to becoming a dad. But what Leigh does best is often overlooked, and that is he just always remembers what BMX is about. BMX is fun. People like Leigh are exactly what BMX needs more of.

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  • Daydreaming – Greenville, NC

    Daydreaming – Greenville, NC

    For our second Daydreaming edit we take you to a very cold Greenville, NC. A few not so familiar riders (and a couple that are) riding a few not so familiar spots in a very familiar BMX town. Check out some clips of Darren Bouldin, Jared Whaylen, Josh Harrington, Dan Foley, and Rick Scott as they hit up the Backdoor and Fusion Skateparks.

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  • Ask on Twitter – Kareem this Tuesday

    Ask on Twitter – Kareem this Tuesday

    Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of Kareem Williams? I’ve been trying to figure it out since I met him. Well, here’s your chance to find out. Our latest Ask on Twitter is featuring none other than the infamous Kareem.

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  • Equipment War Zone

    Equipment War Zone

    We are at war. We are at war with our equipment. I think anyone who films, shoots photos, or even just carries an iPhone has had that moment. You might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you just pushed that fisheye a little to close. It was that one session you left your phone in your pocket. It happens, the inevitable, the unavoidable, disaster.

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