• Demo to rebuild Benjamin Soto Skate Park

    Demo to rebuild Benjamin Soto Skate Park

    Writes Ed Pollio: On May 15, 2011 at noon we will be having a demonstration to support the rebuilding of Benjamin Soto Skate Park. As may you know, this skate park was located on Father Capodanno Blvd. in Midland Beach section of Staten Island, and was bulldozed by the NYC Parks Department on April 18, 2011. We NEED to have this park rebuilt for the kids of the community. This was their one and only skate park on the Island […]

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  • Alienation Easter Egg Contest

    Alienation Easter Egg Contest

    This should be pretty cool. Alienation is launching a contest Friday in which they have Easter Eggs hidden all around the BMX Internets. The first person to find all the Eggs and submit the links wins a free complete Kink bike outfitted with Alienation parts. Read about the contest and the rules here. is participating in the contest, so starting tomorrow at 11am CST there will be an image of an Easter Egg somewhere on the site. Find it […]

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  • Odyssey/Full Factory Warehouse Sale!

    Odyssey/Full Factory Warehouse Sale!

    Jim Bauer gives you guys a quick preview inside of the Odyssey and Full Factory sale going on Saturday, April 16th. With bargain prices and a BMX demo/Jam out back, this is something your not going to want to miss if you live anywhere around the SoCal area. Check back for more coverage right here on

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  • Vans Pass the Bucket w/ Stephen Murray

    Vans Pass the Bucket w/ Stephen Murray

    “If you think there’s nothing left, reach inside and dig deeper.” – Stephen Murray A touching look into Stephen Murray’s life, 4 years after the accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Directed and edited by Eliot Rausch. Visit for ways to help Stephen and his family.

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  • G-Sport Mike Taylor Edit

    G-Sport Mike Taylor Edit

    Mike Taylor was just on Megatour 10 with the BSD team, and is a serious beast. Check his new G-Sport edit, daaaamn!

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  • OSS Gorilla Session

    OSS Gorilla Session Exclusive This will liven up your Friday no doubt. It’s not often you see a full grown gorilla sessioning ledges, eating shit, hi-fiving bike cops, hugging on beach babes, jogging with the local high school track team, and filming lines of Mike Mastroni. Real life gorilla A22 even gets clips. Pretty funny stuff. Grab the OSS Gorilla Tee over at

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  • Sunday’s Megatour 10 Flipbook

    Sunday’s Megatour 10 Flipbook

    A bunch of these pics were featured in Sunday’s daily updates during the trip, but there are some fresh ones in here as well.

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  • Megatour 10 Final Trip Review

    Megatour 10 Final Trip Review

    Megatour 10 finished up and here’s a review of the 60+ posts of live coverage we put up during the trip. Look for the MT10 DVD to come out in a couple months, which will break past formats and feature stand alone team sections instead of everything blended together in one long video. Stay tuned! Thanks to all the teams and riders who went out of their way to make the trip a great success. And a special thanks to […]

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  • Road Fools 18 Garrett Reynolds compilation

    Road Fools 18 Garrett Reynolds compilation

    So this little bastard French kid ripped Road Fools 18 and made a “re-edit” with some of Garrett Reynolds’ clips put to really horrible rap music. We’re not really too cool with people ripping off our shit, but if anything it serves as a good ad for the full-length DVD assuming you mute your speakers. Grab a copy here and get free shipping worldwide.

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