• Query? – Adam Hunt’s “Pumped: BMX” game launching August 9th on iOS

    Query? – Adam Hunt’s “Pumped: BMX” game launching August 9th on iOS

    Update: App is now live in the App Store, get it and support a BMX developer! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pumped-bmx/id527173191 With Apple seeing record iPhone and iPad sales and showing no signs of slowing down, mobile gaming is giving the console industry a run for its money. iOS games have become big business, and if you’re lucky enough to hit it big with a popular game your world can be turned upside down literally overnight. Searching for “BMX” in the App Store returns […]

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  • Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    A BMX filmer’s skateboard. When used correctly it can make that boring shot just a little more special. It can be used as transportation or as a dolly. As a tripod, seat, downtime fun, bunnyhop measurement tool, or an opener of adult beverages. It can even cause pain. Some people may ask why? Why use a skateboard when you have a perfectly capable bike to roll on? Skateboards allow for two handed operation, a more stable camera, and ultimately smoother lines. How […]

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  • Query? – Kink’s Zack Phillips

    Query? – Kink’s Zack Phillips

    Kink Bicycle Company has been around since the early 1990’s. With humble beginnings to owning and distributing major BMX brands now with Blackout Distribution, Kink has grown steadily over the past 18 years. With recent news of the Kink House experiment ending in eviction, we sat down with owner & founder Zack Phillips for a look into where Kink has been and where it’s headed in the future.

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  • Query? – Oton Bačar & DK’s ‘Secret Video Project’

    Query? – Oton Bačar & DK’s ‘Secret Video Project’

    The term “filmmaker” is thrown around pretty loosely in BMX these days. To me true filmmaking is the conscious use of both technique and craft, and employing that astute awareness into a compelling style. Oton Bacar is someone I would consider a BMX filmmaker. So who exactly is this camera-wielding masked bandit?

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  • Photo by Terrell Gordy

    Query? – Leigh Ramsdell

    Leigh Ramsdell is the type of guy who wears a lot of hats. He plans trips, buys plane tickets, shoots photos and video, still is a great bike rider (also just as sketchy as ever), and is even on his way to becoming a dad. But what Leigh does best is often overlooked, and that is he just always remembers what BMX is about. BMX is fun. People like Leigh are exactly what BMX needs more of.

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  • Query? – Dean Dickinson & the Bicycle Film Fest

    Query? – Dean Dickinson & the Bicycle Film Fest

    The Northwest’s own pool fiend Dean Dickinson has a few things playing at the Bicycle Film Festival coming to Portland, Oregon February 24-26th, among them the Pink Motel Pool Party section from Issue 76. We hit ’em with a few questions about his involvement with the event.

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  • Query? – Madera’s Mike Hinkens

    Query? – Madera’s Mike Hinkens

    Being from Wisconsin myself, I’ve known Milwaukee’s Mike Hinkens for quite some time. Hanging out with him on the recent Road Fools 18 trip was a real treat, where we had a chance to catch up on each other’s lives and laugh about old times. Mike’s a kind and thoughtful person with a deep love for BMX. With his new found job as Madera TM, I thought he would be the perfect choice for the first Query?.

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