• Photo from Road Fools 1 article in Dig Magazine

    Recall – Jimmy Levan and the Austin Church Gap

    Certain things live on in the collective memory of BMX. Defining moments that instantly change things, pushing the sport a little bit more forward whether with a small nudge or huge lurch. When I saw James Menard Levan jump the Austin Church Gap I knew something had changed forever.

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  • Recall – Road Fools 9 Biz Mountain

    Recall – Road Fools 9 Biz Mountain

    “Dude, I walked by the weirdest shit.” – Biz Near the end of the Road Fools 9 trip we pulled over in the California desert to shoot the closing interviews. While standing around, Ryan “Biz” Jordan noticed a mountain about a half mile away and decided he could get to the top in 30 minutes or less. Soon money was being thrown into the pot and it was on for $300. The timers were set and off he went as […]

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  • Recall – Tim Fuzzy Hall and Road Fools 2

    Recall – Tim Fuzzy Hall and Road Fools 2

    Tim Fuzzy Hall is a BMX legend. I had a chance to sit down and ask him some questions about when we visited his backyard in 1998 during the second Road Fools trip. Above you’ll find his interview from the video, where Jimmy Levan, Steve Crandall, and Robbo ask him a bunch of questions. iPhone & iPad version click here Also, don’t miss the companion post, featuring Buck Choklit invading a country restaurant and then the full RF2 backyard session […]

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  • Recall – Ruben Alcantara and the Shark Fin

    Recall – Ruben Alcantara and the Shark Fin

    In the year 2000 we took a trip to Europe for the first and ever Road Fools abroad. Road Fools 6, or Road Fools Europe as it is better known, followed the crew through France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, and England over an 11 day journey. On the first day in Paris we happened to roll into a certain public square in the city. Oddly protruding out of a big flight of stairs was a 20 foot tall piece of stone artwork which has become known in BMX circles as the “Shark Fin”.

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