• Setup – Darryl Nau

    Setup – Darryl Nau

    There’s no denying Darryl is a one of a kind in the world of BMX. In this Setup Darryl talks about his brand new ride and sessions 9th Street in Austin. His girlfriend Fiona even jams out on a ukulele and sings a song live for the part. Gotta love it! Never a man of few words, Darryl writes: This winter I had the time of my life spending 6 months riding my brand new custom American made FBM Gypsy […]

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  • Setup – Darryl Nau Intro

    Setup – Darryl Nau Intro

    We’ve been working on a Setup with the one and only Darry Nau which will be going up soon. We asked Darryl to write up a little intro, which follows. “Hi wacky world wide web readers! I am fresh off of announcing the first stop of Dew Tour and doing the same at X Games! The riding is amazing and the crowds here are unreal. In a perfect world there would be a BMXBoard cheering section but I’m sure the […]

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  • Setup – Mike Miller

    Setup – Mike Miller

    Proper Bikes’ camera shy UK shredder Mike Miller has his body double Brian Gonzales sit in and give you a quick run down on Mike’s Signature Proper TTL. Brian had just a handful of mistakes (he’s a body double, what do you expect?) so make sure to check out Proper’s website for a more accurate description of what Mike rides on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more of Mike and the Proper guys in the “Proper Texas” series coming […]

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  • Setup – Josh Perry

    Setup – Josh Perry

    Eastern Bikes pro team rider Josh Perry talks about his Eastern Codec frame, the parts he rides, and gets some clips in Arizona.

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  • Setup – Tom Dugan

    Setup – Tom Dugan

    Setup is a new web series on, checking out dude’s setups and why they ride certain parts. We had a chance to meet up with avid Dr. Pepper drinker Tom “Dang Dang” Dugan to check out his custom Dugan Red T1 Barcode loaded up with the latest T1 and Odyssey parts. Tom’s got some sweet clips from around Austin, TX thrown in the section too so check it out.

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  • Setup Teaser – Tom Dugan

    Setup Teaser – Tom Dugan

    Setup is a new web series we’re gonna be doing here, checking out dude’s setups and why they ride certain parts. Here’s a tease vid for Tom Dugan’s full-length Setup section. Full section coming Fri, Dec 24th.

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