Eastern Bikes – Ten and Friends Part 3

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Eastern Bikes – Ten and Friends Part 1
Eastern Bikes – Ten and Friends Part 2
Eastern Bikes – Ten and Friends Part 3

After spending the last 10 years with Eastern Bikes as a pro rider and now as their Media Coordinator, Leigh Ramsdell decided to hit the road with Eastern team riders Adam Banton and Josh Perry to celebrate his decade with the company.

In Part 3 the guys venture to an abandoned AZ pool for a fun session, before heading to the “no bikes allowed” Tempe Skatepark to close out their Ten and Friends Arizona exploits. Thanks to Eric and J.R. playing tour guide over the trip. Keep a lookout for more Eastern 10 & Friends trips this year!

Foster the People | “Pumped Up Kicks”

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  1. you guys should have really came to tucson, we might not have as many spots to ride as phenix, but the bmx community down here is finally stating to get some parks and stuff.

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