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Update: bumping this because it’s awesome. Originally posted 1/7/11.

With callused and torn hands, brake-less Kansas native Joseph Frans manages to pull together an amazing bag of clips for his first ever Bio. Captured properly with great camera work and editing, Joseph’s super-smooth and chill style comes through at spots shot around sunny Texas.

The National | Slow Show

We had a chance to shoot Joseph over a little interview to go with his Bio which follows below.

Name, age, hometown, how long you been riding?
Joseph Frans, 21, McPherson, KS (hour north of Wichita). Got into racing around 8 yrs old because of my rad cousin Kenny Becker, who had a sweet training facility of rollers and berms in his backyard!

What made you leave Kansas for Austin?
The weather, the scene, the opportunities, friends…the list is endless. If you’ve ever been to Kansas then you know!

Now that you’re in Austin what’s keeping you there?
There’s just such a variety of things to do here all the time. I’m from a town that has 13,000 people, a skate park that consists of a 4ft hip and a grind box, and Walmart is the cool place to hangout. Though I’m sure there are a lot of other awesome places to live I feel like who you live with and who you surround yourself with is a huge part of making the whole experience of living somewhere what it is, and its just to good to pass up here!

Why do you make tricks look so easy then once you ride away you criticize yourself so much? What gives?
I don’t know about making tricks look so easy. But I guess I just always think what I’m doing could be done better. I think that I’m just really picky and really need to work on that. It’s a problem I dislike about myself.

I know you live a pretty BMX oriented house. Do you think that has helped you progress your riding or does that just apply to your skills in Call of Duty?
Ha! Definitely! If it’s just my roommates or the huge array of people that stay with us, there is always a massive amount of influence. Call of Duty is all Levis’ fault. Haha no but it’s fun to pass the time.

How many people are staying at your house right now? I heard there is a life-sized naked cutout of one of your roommates in the front room. Is that true?
I believe 10 people at the moment. It’s always fluctuating. And yes Tom’s naked Indian themed body is always lurking around the house.

You’ve gone on a couple trips here recently, are there anymore places you really want to go visit soon? What places and why?
Like I said we have a huge array of people always staying with us, a lot of them from over seas. Just meeting those people and seeing their perspective and diversity has made me very interested in what it’s like in a different country.

What’s it like traveling with all the T1 guys? The whole team seems to be a pretty tight group of riders.
Well I’ve known Tom [Dugan] since I was about 8 and been living with him for 3 years so. He’s really nothing special. No really though, they’re all amazing people. Such a privilege to travel with Tom, Danny, and Joe. It’s so wild getting to watch them all ride! To even consider myself a part of T1 is unbelievable.

What’s the status with the ramps in your backyard?
Really bad ass skeletons thanks to Jeremy and Matt and about 3 sheets of haggardly screwed down quarter inch sheets thanks to Jarred Swafford. We may have run out of money.

In one word describe your feelings towards the T1 ramp.

Have you filmed for any full length parts before your this Bio?
There might be a few little internet videos friends have put together but nothing like this.

Would you like to film more? You said you still had some secret spots you wanted to hit.
Filming more would most definitely be a plus! We didn’t have a huge amount of time to get a lot done. It’s hard working around everyone’s schedules, holidays, jobs, and getting kicked out of spots!

Any thanks?
I definitely wouldn’t have as sweet of a set up to ride, or half of the clips we filmed if it wasn’t for Joe Rich! Can’t thank that dude enough! And Terrell for giving me the opportunity to film with him! Thanks for putting up with me! Walter Pieringer for taking the time to come shoot some photos!

Thanks Joseph. End.


  1. that was soo rad.

    PLEASE do a danny hickerson bio!

  2. That was awesome. I’m from the same town in Kansas as Joe and known him for most of my life. All I can say is that he definitely deserves all the attention he can get and then some. He’s a great guy, an amazing friend, and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

  3. He rides so much like Tom Dougan. Steezy and simple but it looks great.

  4. sorry tom dugan but you are no longer my fav rider lol this guys super chill and flows like no other, soo glad i clicked on this link and got to watch this video..the music matched the video perfect to!

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