Things in BMX move fast, and PropsBMX.tv gives us an opportunity to create some new original web series produced relatively quickly and exclusively for the site. With the different series below we hope to provide new fresh content not found anywhere else. If you see it here, we created it.

Exclusive Bios
We’ve been producing interviews and bios in PVM for years, but we wanted to start a new series of Bios tailored exclusively for the web – found only on the web – giving us an opportunity to work with more riders more often. Although we hope all the series below will bring great new content to the BMX community, we feel these Bios will be some of the best found on the web.

It’s hard to get video of everything all the time, and sometimes you just need the written word to really delve into what people are about. So even though this site URL ends with .tv, Query? allows us to post interviews old school style using text and pics. There a lot of interesting people in the BMX industry and from time to time we hope to catch up with some of them with this exclusive series.

There are a lot of amazing spots out there that you may catch a glimpse of here and there in various videos and photographs. But what if you wanted to focus in on a certain spot and take a better look at it? Maybe learn a bit about it’s significance within BMX and some of the clips that have been filmed there over the years. With that in mind we decided to create the Pindrop series, sort of like “dropping a pin” to your friends on a smartphone telling where you are on the map.

Why do people ride certain frames and parts? With Setup we ask that question to interesting riders and hear what they have to say. Maybe even get a first glimpse of a prototype part that they’re running or testing at the time. We figured if we threw in some cool riding clips we could make a new series out of it.

Ask on Twitter
A lot of people in BMX use Twitter – riders, filmers, media, personalities, industry people – and more are getting on board everyday. We think the concept behind Twitter is interesting at how simple it is: let your followers know what you’re up to. Some are absolutely obsessed with it, Tweeting many times an hour or more. Others not so much. Either way Twitter creates an opportunity for some unique discussion. Our series Ask on Twitter takes a look at some of BMX’s most compulsive users and gives their followers a chance to engage them on camera.

Daydreaming is something all of us do from time to time. Just sitting around thinking about riding, spots, tricks, and so on. Daydreaming for us is a place to put all those clips that just don’t have a home. Amazing riding, fun sessions, and just random cool clips we think you guys need to see while watching the days away, and waiting for warmer weather.