Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

The Mangler filming Karl Poynter.

Mike ‘The Mangler’ McQueen

Age, current occupation & position?
Age 29, freelance video/audio dude, blog scribbler at

What is you current film board setup?
I have no idea what brand it is, I think it says “RAKESTRAW’ on it? My close friend Matt is a “vintage” mongo skater and I got this deck from him once he was done carving the shit out of it a few years ago. I then jumped on bay and bought a longboard wheels/truck kit for like $35 and I was in business!

Is there any particular reason for your choices? Was board and wheel size a factor?
It’s a wide board so that gives me a lot of room to place myself for a good shot and then fat wheels to smooth out the bumpy surfaces. The board was free and then the kit had some options and I think i went with 76mm wheels with abec 7 bearings.

The Mangler’s current board setup.

Are there any moments you can remember off hand that your board has been invaluable to your filming?
I was in a public park that was no bikes and since I was filming on my board I didn’t get in trouble. Suckers!

Ever have you board broken or stolen while out filming?
This is my virgin filming board and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had this board for a long time, going on 5 years now? When I fly I’ll remove the trucks so it stows in my bike bag a little better and then she usually chills in my garage or in the back of the TL88. I’ve seen those troublemakers at parks eyeing my board so usually when out filming I keep it close by.

For your next film board setup what do you think you might considering changing up?
Maybe some fresh grip? Getting tossed around over the years has had some wear and tear on her. Other than that, she’s golden! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Thanks guys! End.

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  1. Matthew B. Moore

    Yep, that board is a “made in the USA” Black Label Pat Rackstraw. Something you can’t find any more. Good Wood = Good Times. Rock on, Mangler.

    Vintage Mongo

  2. great read, nice images. always kinda wondered about this.

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