German BMXers test Panny AF-100 camera

DSLR’s can produce some amazing HD video imagery if you get the right person behind the camera, but the cams have serious drawbacks like jellocam, aliasing, short record spans, bad ergonomics, and horrible audio attributes. Panasonic’s upcoming AF-100 promises to better blur the lines and merge a DSLR-sized sensor with a proper video camera body – the holy grail of indie video producers. Many of us have had our eye on this cam for some time, I know I’m considering selling some of my HD cams when this thing drops in the next month or two.

A bunch of people have been able to test pre-production models already, but some German BMX dudes got a hold of one recently (they actually had an AF-101, the PAL version) and the imagery they shot looks pretty stunning. Of course they had on loan some super-sharp $5,000 Zeiss Compact Primes and a pretty dialed rig, but even with a bag of cheaper lenses the cam seems pretty damn alluring.

Hit up their Vimeo page for more info and some behind the scenes pics of the shoot.

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  1. that was sick the filming and editing was spectacular.

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