Soul 68 in France includes RF18

If you’re in France, pick up the new Issue 68 of Soul Magazine and score a free copy of the new Road Fools 18. A somewhat stripped down version without the bonus sections, but hey it’s free with the mag and the full video’s on there – plus the cover artwork on the back is different from the regular version so it’s somewhat of a collector’s item. Thanks to Ben Bello and the Soul crew for being so accommodating after we missed their deadline by a few days delaying the Issue and causing them to pull all their hair out while the days ticked by. Anyway, it’s all a done deal now and the Issue is dropping Thurs, Dec. 23th in France only.

Here’s the cover of the mag.

They have a French review of some sort up on their site, I ran the text through Google Translate and here’s the comical broken English it spit out:

“Love him or not his style and his big mouth, it is clear that Big Daddy is an amazing ride in that … yes … it out of the ordinary. You will see again in the Road Fools all the originality and boldness of his riding. Indeed, in addition to an obvious mastery of the bike, Bid Daddy is widening his head out combos improbable actions often very committed too. But the guy is well built and he fears nothing, so much so he asks in the video one of the worst in the history of backflips bmx in my opinion.
In the category not human, it was obviously Garrett Reynolds, who would give him the only reason to see this video. You know its crazy routine, and although it has not changed and became worse with opposite pegs and a third now. You will be amazed by me as surely speed or technicality of some of its lines, it’s either street or park, where he also released this video a trick of the year, I leave you discover.
The advantage of a Road Fools is that there is a gaggle of riders riding and therefore different. You do not get bored over one minute of that hour of riding interspersed with interviews that are the specificity of RF Props. One out of lot of riders like Dave Thompson coming out of toothpick feeble and on rails damn long, JJ Palmere who found the level before the knee operation, the young Chad Kerley who puts clips non stop, Dan Foley raises all clean as usual, Josh Harrington who also cruise with his routine senseless, Kareem Williams, who brings a slightly crazy from the awakening, and side of Madera team we note the presence of Jeff Kocsis but especially Tom Villareal who showed style, imagination and even courage. In short, the Road Fools 18 riders lean is not talent.
Regarding the type of spots that guys travel during this trip California, San Francisco confirms its beauty and its multitude of street spots. We walk in as many campus where all the spots are gathered in one place, convenient when you have a couple of riders to move. The trip ends in Salt Lake City with Matt Beringer in his amazing garden. This will be the only time the crew will reach the earth, for the rest of it is non-stop street intersected by a stop in a park covered (Session crazy) and a concrete bowl where guess who smokes the park. ..
That’s what I could say about this road fools. I confess that I am still weird to think that this charming video accompanies our baby last time. And after watching, I’m more than excited, I hope you will share this sentiment. Another few days and it will be your patience, for only € 8.95 !!!!! (A road fools normally costs about 20 €)” – Soul BMX Mag

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