“Lords of Fun” Intro by Steve Crandall

What happens when you take a large group of BMXers, strap their bikes to the backs of motorcycles, and hit the open road searching for good times? The 2nd annual “Lords of Fun” of course. Steve Crandall writes:

This summer, the good folks at Props and LeastMost helped organize a road trip, a little different than many BMX trips. With the help of Tioga, FBM and our buddies at Biltwell, we loaded up a Green Limousine and about a dozen motorcycles with a gang of bikes, camping gear, and friends looking for a good time out on the open road.

Check out PropsBMX.tv and LeastMost this week for updates, videos, and weird adventures of a bunch of two wheeled party animals hitting up skateparks, campgrounds, and some good times at the beach.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting a couple of exclusive videos from the trip starting this week.

Click through the next group of pages for a quick photogallery courtesy of Steve.

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