“Lords Of Fun” Motorcycle/BMX trip Part 2

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“Lords Of Fun” Motorcycle/BMX trip – Part 2
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FBM’s Steve Crandall leads his merry band of motorcycle miscreants on the 2nd annual Lords Of Fun trip, hitting riding spots along the East Coast and soaking up the summer sights.

With guys meeting up in Richmond, VA via motorbikes from Louisville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA, the crew strapped on their BMX bikes and headed east down Route 5 towards Norfolk, VA and into Currituck, NC. Then they crossed the bay to the Outer Banks of North Carolina towns like Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Duck, and more.

Steve Crandall, Leland Thurman, Evan Venditti, Jason Stieg, Fids, Craig Welch, Brad “Puck” Byrne, Erik Holladay, Tom Blyth, Derek Farley, Kenny Horton, Jason Morris, Jason Anderson, Brian Rainsford, Chris Neighbors, “Zeebs” aka Zebra, Sean Meeker, The Guy, and Chris Reichan aka Skip.

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