Mark Losey Interview – Pro Town Documentary (vid dead)

Established photographer Mark Losey saw a story surrounding the BMX mecca of Greenville, NC, and decided to spend a year and a half producing a documentary about it. His 45 minute film Pro Town: Greenville delves into the history of what made the town such a draw to riders, the ups and downs of living there, stereotypes about the scene, rivalries, night life, how it’s changed over the years, the loss of Colin Winkelmann, and features some pretty rare archival footage and photos he managed to dig up. Mark talked to quite a large group of riders, mostly current or past residents of the little town, and scored a couple dozen in-depth interviews with guys like Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Josh Harrington, Allan Cooke, Mike Laird, and Rob Darden. In a world of here-today-gone-tomorrow edits dumped on the web everyday, sitting down to a well-produced professional documentary about BMX – produced by someone within the industry – was a special treat that doesn’t happen too often.

The film had it’s big premiere on January 7th in Greenville to a packed house, with pretty much everyone around the area showing up to check it out. We caught up with Mark earlier that day where he answered some questions about the film, and also grabbed some behind the scenes clips during the screening too. Thanks Mark!

Pro Town: Greenville is available on DVD now from Dans Comp, Staff, Albe’s, or you can order a copy directly from Mark at the film’s website After putting 1-1/2 years into it, I’m sure he’d appreciate the support. Here’s the trailer.

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