Megatour 10 – Dude Bird Day 3 update

Dude Bird Day 3 Update – by Brett Rohlfing

Day 3 was mostly a travel day as we decided to head up to OKC. The city came highly recommended from both Matt Coplon and Tazz Hernandez, so we set off to have a look for ourselves. We arrived at Sidewall Distro with just a little daylight left, but thanks to Jeremie Infelise we didn’t have to search for spots and got a few clips in with the sun still up. After sundown we scouted out a few more spots for tomorrow, and before heading to the public skatepark, Zack found some stairs that appealed to him and put them to good use. The park sesh claimed a few victims unfortunately. Cabe Crisler had to bow out early because of a handful of falls, and I landed on my back inflaming the injury I came on the trip with and making it extremely difficult to walk. Tomorrow will be more street in OKC, then we begin our decent to Austin.

This was our view for most of Day 3, heading north out of Texas towards OKC, Oklahoma.

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  1. Big ass 360!

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