Megatour 10 – BSD Day 5 update

BSD Day 5 Update – by Grant Smith

Today Stew took us to some great spots around Austin and everybody got some good stuff done including Mike Taylor who decided he’d had enough of being injured and even though his foot looked worse than ever he strapped it up and got on his bike. The day before one of Tony Malouf’s new Osiris shoes had gone missing, we found it back at Stew’s house locked in the jaws of Chief the dog who had chewed it up. Once the sun went down we drove over to T1 as Steve Crandall had organized a BBQ. FBM supplied the food and BSD bought the beer! A good crew of riders were there and once the lights were set up a fun session on the famous ramp got underway. Thanks again to Joe Rich for hosting the party.

Osiris eating dog.

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