Megatour 10 – BSD Day 7 update

BSD Day 7 Update – by Grant Smith

Even though everyone had a late night at Darry Nau’s Megatour party, the team were up and out early as it was the last day. We went straight to a big rail which Chris Brown threw a big feeble down first go, after that the clips were coming in thick and fast. From there we went to T1 and surprise surprise guess who turned up next? Yes you guessed right our stalker buddies from FBM. The session was really good with quite a big crew in attendance, after that everyone headed to the 9th Street trails to meet all the teams for the end of the trip. Most people chilled out and ate the pizzas that Props provided while watching some of the guys flow through the main pack of the trails. Thanks to Props for inviting us, it was a blast but you’ll have to wait for the DVD to see what went down. Over and out…

Malouf filming.

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