Megatour 10 – Dude Bird Day 2 update

Dude Bird Day 2 Update – by Brett Rohlfing

After riding the Yums ramps until 2am, we got a late start to Day 2. Tazz Hernandez and his lovely girlfriend were kind enough to both give us a place to stay and then show us around all day, so not having to search for spots helped us make up for lost time. We fit in a ditch session, a foot tall rail session, and got in a few runs at a full-sized rail before the cops cracked down and told us to move out of the area. We regrouped and headed to a different ditch spot, only to find it filled with too much water to ride. After that the crew moved on to a backyard ramp across the street, but no one was really feeling it. We rounded out the night with a trip to the Lewisville park, where some guys decided to budget their energy and mostly chill, while others, like Cabe Crisler, went full speed ahead and nailed down even more clips. Hotel rooms was the name of the game after that. What will day 3 bring? The future is uncertain, as some want to head down to the Austin area and take day trips tot he surrounding areas, and some want to go up to OKC for 2 days, then descend to Austin for the final 3.

Tazz Hernandez and his girlfriend are salt of the earth type people. Excellent hosts and nice as can be. Thanks Tazz and keep jukin’!

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