Megatour 10 – Dude Bird Day 6 update

Dude Bird Day 6 Update – by Brett Rohlfing

Day six was more Austin street. We started the day off at a 17 stair, where we grabbed up two clips. From there it was on to all of the spots you’d want to visit if you have never been to Austin. I can’t say too much about some spots or it would give away bangers, but Zack Gerber got a lot accomplished today. After a solid day of street, we loaded up and headed to the Mega Tour Party that Darryl Nau put on. It was a mouse trap throwing good time. Now it’s back out to rap up any loose ends before the whole thing comes to a close at the trails tonight. Everyone still seems to want something at some spot, so this could get very complicated.

Roll out of the van and do a trick down this set. I sure wouldn’t want to, but to Zack and Spencer it seemed perfectly fine.

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