Megatour 10 – Dude Bird Day 7 update

Dude Bird Day 7 Update – by Brett Rohlfing

Everyone had big plans for day seven. Nearly everyone had some trick at some spot that they wanted to go get handled. First up was the 5 hip ditch. We rolled up on an OSS filming session in progress. It added an extra fun vibe, and was possibly one of the most enjoyable sessions that we had, in my estimation. The only downside was Zack being broken from the day prior and having to miss out. After everyone got done with 5 hip, a wave of exhaustion struck most of the riders, so we called it a trip and headed to the 9th street trails to meet up with the other teams. Dave and Spencer hit the trails, but most of the other guys just kept it mellow and enjoyed the free pizza that Marco so generously gave to everyone.

From the trails we jumped in the van and did a straight 18 hours back to Florida. As I type this, Paul and Zack are now just starting another 20 hour stint back up north. Somehow through all the sickness, injuries, bike malfunctions and barely enough sleep, we all managed to have a great time.

Thank you to Props for this once in a lifetime opportunity, thank you to Tazz Hernandez, Spencer Bass, Jeremie Infelise and Devon Hutchins for showing us around and/or giving us a place to stay, thanks to Darryl Nau for being the most positive person I’ve ever met and thank you to anyone else that was friendly along the way.

Here is where we spent the majority of day seven, the famous 5 hip ditch in Austin.

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