Megatour 10 – Sunday Day 4 update

Sunday Day 4 Update – by Jim Cielencki

We did basically Day 3 in reverse order. Started off riding the Irving Skatepark in the daylight hours. The park was empty so it made it super easy to film, ride and do whatever. Then we headed back over to Ft Worth area to ride downtown and TCU campus. To be honest, the TCU campus was so nice and it seemed almost brand new, so most of us had reservations about riding it. We eventually got kicked out by some super nice cops. It wasn’t that big of a deal. With the last hour of light, we headed into the city and rode some random street spots. Sushi had been talked about for some time on the trip and tonight was the night for it. Plus we hit up this wild go kart track and arcade on the way back to the hotel. Really fun day.

Jake Seeley, Irving Skatepark.

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