Megatour 10 – Sunday Day 5 update

Sunday Day 5 Update – by Jim Cielencki

Aaron Ross, Mike Gonzalez, Francis Delapena and I all got up super early to drive down to Desoto, so Aaron could race the ABA Super National. Sunday trail rider, Chris Hilbrich also made the way up from Austin to race as well. The rest of the team slept a little longer then headed to Dallas to ride street during the day. Aaron had some unfortunate luck during his races and came unclipped both times. He was pretty bummed, but we had a ton of fun hanging out and taking in the race scene. Chris Hilbrich made it to the mains, but didn’t fair so well. The biggest treat of the day was heading over to Tyler to ride Morgan Wade’s warehouse. Gary Young opened up so many new lines in the place. It was literally amazing to watch.

It’s race day and some of us are up!

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