Megatour 10 teams & info

Megatour 10 is kicking off on March 1st in Texas. We hit up the teams to see who’s going and what’s up. Stay tuned for live exclusive coverage of the trip starting Monday.

Sunday Bikes – Jim Cielencki (TM)

Who’s making up your MT10 crew?
Gary Young, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Garrett Reeves, Mike Gonzalez, and Alex Magallan.

How did your team end up getting on the trip?
Well, it was pretty simple, we got asked to do it. For us to do Megatour was a no brainer because most of the team was already in Texas. We already had a van here and there were plenty of places for us to stay. Plus Sunday had never done Megatour before, so with all these things working in our favor, it was obvious for us to do the trip. Should be really fun.

Who’s your cameraman?
Odyssey and Sunday’s computer and camera extraordinaire, Francis Delapena will be the number one camera guy. And I will be covering second angles and filming board angles.

What kind of vehicle are you guys traveling in?
We are using the Full Factory Distro and Sunday Bikes van which just so happens to be the original Odyssey van. Here’s a little bit of trivia, this van was used by the Odyssey team in the first Megatour back in 2002.

Describe your duties on the trip as team manager.
Well, I am the unofficial team manager. Aaron Ross is the real team manager, but I will be working behind the scenes filming, getting the hotels and operating the GPS system. Aaron will be being Aaron, driving the van and doing whatever he wants.

Do you have any particular stops or spots in mind or are you guys just gonna wing it?
Each one of us has some ideas for spots to ride, but our schedule is pretty open. There are a few things we are going to do like ride Morgan Wade’s ramps and hit a few parks. One of the big things we are doing is heading to the ABA Desoto Super Nationals so Aaron Ross, Mike Gonzalez and Chris Hilbrich can race. Chris will be driving up from Austin to meet up with everyone. All three guys have extensive racing histories so they aren’t racing as a joke. One of the goals of the trip is to enjoy all types of riding and not limit ourselves to just a few styles. We are trying to have more fun than anything.

Hotels or campsites?
Most likely hotels when we are up in the Dallas area. Once we get back down to Austin, we will be staying at my house and Aaron’s.

What about the trip are you most looking forward to?
For me, I’m looking to explore Dallas. I’ve been up there a few times to see NHL games and it really seems like that city has a lot to offer. None of the guys on the team are clones of each other, so when they go to a spot they all have something different to offer. I’ve been to spots with half the team and each one came up with a different idea for it. So, taking them to a giant city like Dallas will be very fun to watch.

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