“After sitting in a rental car parking lot for 4 hours with a mysteriously canceled reservation, we finally got some sympathy from the desk clerk: two rental cars for the price of one. But we were now extremely late and it’s 16 hours to Houston. We split up the team – 4 riders in one car. 4 riders, 8 bikes, and a pit-bull named “Jules” in a second box van. We drove through the night passing oil derricks, ship yards, and small “no name” towns, stopping only for gas and a short break at the South’s proprietary Waffle House. A day later we arrived just in time. The teams converged in a park tucked in the woods of Suburban Houston. Mutiny, the Empire dudes, and Mat Hoffman with his crew. Day 0. Meet and greet. Team photos. The expected controlled chaos of 30 riders, in mass, on the road together. Mega Tour 4. This was the beginning of one of the best road trips of my life.”
– Matt Coplon, Profile Racing