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Megatour 4 – DVD sold out
Megatour 4 brings together over 47 riders from 6 teams on a road trip across Florida. The crews rode everything including street, parks and yes even dirt. Not to mention sorority parties, security guard confrontations, alligators, bluegrass bands, and a BBQ at UGP.

We The People: Ashley Charles, Dave Osato, Will Jackson, Max Gaertig, Tobias Wicke, Dustin Guenther, Kay Clauberg

Last Call Distro: Leif Valin, Jaff Harrington, Jordan Stewert, Dylan Cole, Jason Perez, Tony Cardona, Kerry Sayre

Manmade: Steven Lilly, Mark Mulville, George Kastrinakis, Darren Meenan, Daniel Antoniov, James Horan, Josh Nendaz, Ian Munro

2-Hip: Matt Wakefield, the Gonz, Benno Hankowetz, Jarrodd Allen, Waylon Burrough, Lino Gonzalez, Maurico Ospina, Cory Jarman, Jesses Williams

Premium: Joe Riley, Ryan Mills, Matt Colish, Michael Clevelnad, Ben Hucke

Bulldog: Skinny, Launchpad, Nelson Skello Rojas, Isaac Barnes, Rondell Somerset, Hector Restrepo, Oba Stanley, Marlon Europe, Brad Simms, Christian Puban, Mike Brennan

Megatour 3 – DVD sold out
Megatour 3 rounded up 43 riders from 6 teams for the biggest Megatour yet, which sessioned throughout Texas. The fools went full throttle for here to yonder destroying spots in a footage gold rush on the streets, skateparks, trails, and in the skies. Dodging hefty sheriffs, local rednecks, and surly women, the crews made it back without discharging a single firearm. And although there is footage of a grown man in a chicken suit rocking out, no animals were harmed during filming, much to the chagrin of the local rednecks.

Blacken: Shinichi “Shin” Nishiyama, Caleb Kilby, Jimmy Levan, Darryl Nau (TM)

Empire: Kevin Porter, Dan Bogard, Chase Hawk, Pat Holiday, Caleb Everitt, Jake Finley, Joel Moody, Ryan Boen, Adam Roye (TM)

Hoffman Bikes: Jon Taylor, Sebastian “Bas” Keep, Bruce Crisman, Ryan Barrett, Mat Hoffman, Kazuo Okada, Robby Compartino, Seth Kimbrough, Chuck D (TM)

Mutiny: Neil Harrington, Danny Hickerson, Jason “Squeak” Dingess, Morgan Wade, Joe Simon (TM)

Profile: Aaron Bostrom, Luis Pinzon, Chris Adamski, Anthony Cico, Mark Mulville, Chad Moore, Ty Stuyvesant, Matt Coplon (TM)

UGP: Jim Cielencki, Aaron Behnke, Byron Anderson, Brian Kachinsky, Chad DeGroot, John Jennings, Ron Bonner (TM)

Megatour 2 – DVD sold out
Megatour 2 features over 45 riders hitting up the East Coast with stops in Harrisburg, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Newark, NJ, Hackettstown, NJ, New York City, NY, Binghampton, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY, and Buffalo, NY.

Primo: Scott Malyon, Mike Tag, Nate Hanson, Edwin Delarosa, Greg Walsh

Federal Bikes: Corey Martinez, Ross Tanner, Brad Gratham, Jared Washington, Ben Dukes, Brian Tunney, Sandy Carson, Ian Morris

S&M Bikes: Matt Beringer, Brian Wizmerski, Josh Stricker, Vic Ayala, Marvin Loetterle, Rob Darden, Adam Baker, Neal Wood, Chris Moeller

Mosh: Matt Puorro, Corey Bohan, Markus Wilke, Patrick King, David Stroud, Heath Pinter

Etnies:Jason Enns, Taj Mihelich, John Heaton, Brian Terada, Ryan Geuttler, John Povah

Metal Bikes: Jimmy Levan, Dan Price, Caleb Kilby, Ryan Metro, Derrick Gabbert, Joel Carnell, Leland Thurman

Megatour 1 – DVD sold out
Megatour 1 features 6 teams, each with their own van and cameraman, hitting the Midwest for five demos over seven days. Demos at Chenga 2 in Cleveland, OH, The Flow in Columbus, OH, Ramp Riders in St. Louis, MO, The Pit in Rockford, IL, and Four Season in Madison, WI. The teams had free reign, hitting other spots along the way to the demos.

Baco: Mark Hilson (TM), Brian Kachinsky, Brian Vowell, Chad DeGroot, Jimmer Rienstra

DK: Micah Kranz (TM), Quinn Semling, Colin Winkelmann, Chris Doyle, Dusty Horton, Chris Adamski, Aaron Behnke

Eastern Bikes: John Byers & Mike Corley (TMs), Brad Gethard, John Jennings, Leigh Ramsdell (aka Leonard Ternowski), Phillip Teauge, Mike Andrews

Odyssey: Jim Bauer (TM), Gary Young, Rich Hirsch, Adam Banton, James Hitchcox

Kink: Zach Phillips (TM), Robert Tibbs, Jim Cielencki, Ryan Sher, Dan Bogard, Chris Arriaga, Ian Munro

FBM: Steve Crandall (TM), Ryan Nyquist (special guest), Phil Wasson, Shawn Arata, Afro Pat Schreader, Jesse “Fisher” Bower