MT10 bike check – Dude Bird’s Brett Rohlfing

Everyone on Megatour 10 is getting a basic bike check. Here’s Dude Bird’s Brett Rohlfing (TM).

Brett Rohlfing/Dude Bird
Age: 26
Frame: Subrosa Villicus 20.75tt (20.5 rideable)
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1 with Odyssey top cap
Headset: Sputnic                                       
Bars: Sunday Triumph
Stem: Redneck XLT
Grips: Deluxe Shovelhands                                              
Bar Ends: Odyssey Par ends                                       
Seatpost: Cencea
Clamp: Built In
Seat: Shadow Fat, Silver Stitching
Cranks: Profile 170’s with GDH Axle
Pedals: Primo Tenderizers                               
Sprocket: Odyssey MDS 30t
Chain: Shadow Interlock V.2                                           
Driver: 10t
Front Wheel: G-Sport Marmoset laced to a Sun Big Baller           
Rear Wheel: Primo Mix Hub laced to a Sun Big Baller                 
Tires: Duo Stunners, 2.20 front, 1.95 back       
Pegs: Macniel rear left, Animal rear right. Animal Light MK3 front left and right
Hub guards: BSD Jersey Barrier rear, 2 Knight guards in the front
Weight: 25 lbs

Modifications: Cut bars to 25inches. Cut steerer tube down as far as possible without cutting of threads for the compression cap. I don’t run a dust cap on the headset so I can get my bars where I want them. Spray painted the bars, forks and stem black. Ground off the molded side pins on the pedals. Shaved down the bottom of the frame’s dropouts to sit flush or under flush with pegs. Ground off bent metal on the crank arms to allow the new spindle bolts to get in. Cut off flanges of the grips and am running them backwards. Oiled up the driver a lot to make it spin smoother and cut down on the noise.

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