MT10 bike check – FBM’s Eric Hennessey

Everyone on Megatour 10 is getting a basic bike check. Here’s FBM’s Eric Hennessey.

Eric Hennessey/FBM
Age: 26
Frame: FBM Gypsy
Forks: Nice Lotus
Bars: FBM Big Apes!
Cranks: Profile 175mm
Pedals: KKT
Wheels: Profile
Sprocket: Profile
Chain: BMX
Seat: Madera
Post: FBM stump post
Grips: FBM double fister
Brakes: ACS Boa
Lever: Odyssey
Tires: Tioga (2.10 front, 1.85 rear)
Stem: Profile Top Load

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  1. Love bmx! Looking at frames and this popped up. That bike is sick. hmu

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