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While filming for the debut release of the Summer 2011 Owned, Dan Foley recently traveled to Austin, TX seeking warm sanctuary from the Maryland winter. In the first of many behind the scenes Owned edits to come, Dan explores Austin for the first time checking out spots, chatting with Austinites, and clocking clips for his section.

We shot over a quick interview to Dan asking about the project and how he liked Austin, which follows below.

Congrats for getting a part in the first Owned. What were initial thoughts when asked to do a part, and what do you think of the other 5 riders joining you on the maiden voyage?
Thanks! I was really excited when asked to do a part. I have always liked filming stuff and this gives me a reason to go film stuff, so I’m stoked on that. It’s also a huge honor to have a part in the first one. I’m not going to lie, I’m stressing a bit about having a part in the same video as all the other guys. They’re all amazing riders who (as I’m sure most of you know) are very capable of filming banger video parts. I can’t wait to see the final video and see what everyone else comes up with.

So you’ve started filming for your Owned part and you flew out to film in Austin? How did it go?
It definitely went well. We were able to film a decent amount of clips and it was awesome finally getting to come to Austin. I’ve been seeing the spots there in videos and magazines for years and had been wanting to go for a while. It was also really nice getting to meet good people and ride in warm weather in December.

Set up this behind the scenes edit above for us. What’s going on in the segment?
Well if it’s what I think it is, it’s you (Terrell) interviewing me while I take my bike apart to fly home from Austin. It was filmed in your (Terrell’s) backyard in Austin, TX. For some reason, you (Terrell) took two things I’m pretty bad at, talking on camera and working on my bike, and made me do them both at the same time. I hope it’s not too unbearable to watch haha.

What’s been going on back home in Maryland?
Just been on a pretty routine schedule of going to class and riding around Greenville.

Is it difficult to juggle filming trips with being a full time college student?
Yes it is. I can travel when I have breaks from school, but other than that I’ve got to stay here so I don’t miss too much class. I’ve got a week-long break next month, so hopeful that break will be productive. It’s a little stressful knowing that I’ve only got till May/June with limited travel time, but it also helps with motivating me to film when I can.

What are you going to school for?
Media Production.

I heard you have the same teacher that Will Stroud had in college?
This is true. I guess you (Terrell) had him too. His name is Rudy Chu. He’s probably one of my favorite professors I’ve had so far in college. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and class isn’t boring since he’s pretty funny. English isn’t his first or even second language, so his explanations come out a bit different than what you’d be used to hearing. It’s pretty funny at times and also shows how much he knows about the subject since he still gets whatever information across to you clearly.

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