Owned 2011 – Jason Phelan BTS Edit 1

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Filmer Dick Forne and Jason Phelan are hard at work getting clips for Jason’s Owned section. Here’s an idea of what they’re going through, and these rail slams show what Jason’s willing to do for a clip. Writes Dick:

We spent two weeks filming in Israel and Jason took some really bad crashes, one which ended the trip early. This is an insight into one of those crashes. Featuring Jason and two of our Israeli friends Itamar Bavli and Tal Mazar. Basically this spot has been unridable because there’s always been a Fiat Panda or something parked at the bottom of it. Itamar decided it would be worth moving so that Jason could get a clip. After Jason crashed the first time we decided to try and block the channel between the rail and the ledge with a pipe, on his second attempt the pipe broke and the brick we used to rest the pipe on was responsible for his crash. While all this was going on the female security guard watched in disbelief, she nursed Jason a little after his second crash and cleaned him up.

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