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  • Photo by Terrell Gordy

    Query? – Leigh Ramsdell

    Leigh Ramsdell is the type of guy who wears a lot of hats. He plans trips, buys plane tickets, shoots photos and video, still is a great bike rider (also just as sketchy as ever), and is even on his way to becoming a dad. But what Leigh does best is often overlooked, and that is he just always remembers what BMX is about. BMX is fun. People like Leigh are exactly what BMX needs more of.

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  • Ask on Twitter – Eastern Bikes Part 1

    Ask on Twitter – Eastern Bikes Part 1

    Eastern Bikes team riders Leigh Ramsdell, Adam Banton, and Josh Perry answer part 1 of your questions from Twitter. Follow them at @easternbikes, @AdamBanton, @joshuaMperry, and @LeighRamsdell.

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  • Props Issue 8 – PUSH Kill Yourself Jumping Jam

    Props Issue 8 – PUSH Kill Yourself Jumping Jam

    Classic 1995 trails jam at the infamous Pittsburgh, PA PUSH, featuring lots of young versions of dudes you’ll recognize like Robbo, Kris Bennett, Ground Chuck, Squirrel, Vaun Stout, Colin Winkelmann, Brock, Steve Crandall, Jody Donnelly, Chris Stevenson, and more. This is the kind of thing that literally started modern trail riding.

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  • Props Issue 8 – Day Smith Interview

    Props Issue 8 – Day Smith Interview

    Joe Rich, Steve Swoope, and Bethlehem local Dawn interview Hoffman Bikes flatlander Day Smith in the summer of 1995. Day speaks about having drawn up the original Primo V-Monster pattern, which had some controversy surrounding it regarding who got credit for the design. Swoope’s question about “carbonated tuna juice” has always grossed me out. This interview is seriously old school.

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  • Exclusive Bio – Joseph Frans

    Exclusive Bio – Joseph Frans

    Update: bumping this because it’s awesome. Originally posted 1/7/11. With callused and torn hands, brake-less Kansas native Joseph Frans manages to pull together an amazing bag of clips for his first ever Bio. Captured properly with great camera work and editing, Joseph’s super-smooth and chill style comes through at spots shot around sunny Texas. We had a chance to shoot Joseph over a little interview to go with his Bio which follows below.

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  • Props Issue 21 – Bethlehem Scene Report

    Props Issue 21 – Bethlehem Scene Report

    Joe Rich, Luc-e, Taj Mihelich, Butcher, Magilla, Chris Stauffer, Nate Wessel, Pat Juliff, Jay Lonergan, and other Bethlehem locals hit up the infamous POSH trails and street in this scene report filmed in the summer of 1997 – not too long before some of these guys made the move to Austin, TX. This was pulled off a S-VHS master so it may look a little fuzzy.

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  • Props Groundwork – Full video

    Props Groundwork – Full video

    Back in the year 2000 we embarked on an ambitious project: making an all-flatland video called Groundwork. We had footage come in from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Japan. Brian Tunney picked out the soundtrack and we had ourselves our first ever (and so far only) all-flatland video. Groundwork was originally released on VHS only, and we’re now posting it in it’s entirely here on the site for all to enjoy.

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  • Eastern Bikes 10 and Friends

    Eastern Bikes 10 and Friends

    Eastern Bikes just wrapped up filming their Eastern Bikes 10 and Friends trip throughout Arizona and we got all the exclusive footie. Watch for sections from the trip coming this week and into next. Eastern posted a little writeup about what the trip was all about, check it out here for what to expect from the sections.

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  • Props Issue 60 – Adam Banton Profile

    Props Issue 60 – Adam Banton Profile

    Brian Tunney, Leif Valin, Alex Perez and others interview a 31 year old Adam Banton about everything from Ohio winters, bikes in cements parks, his favorite color, to playing guitar. Adam filmed hard for the section, clocking footie from spots all over the US, and wrote much of the music heard throughout. Here’s what he had to say looking back on this full-length Profile.

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