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Back in the year 2000 we embarked on an ambitious project: making an all-flatland video called Groundwork. Filming for the vid was a lot of fun, and I was able to travel to a bunch of cool places to hang out in local parking lots and secret practice spots hidden off the beaten path. I rode flat solid for over a decade myself, and spent countless hours alone and with close friends in many a parking lot – so I can fully appreciate the intricacies of flatland, which will forever hold a special place in my heart.

With the help of some other camera people, we had additional footage come in from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Japan. Brian Tunney picked out the soundtrack and we had ourselves our first ever (and so far only) all-flatland video. Groundwork was originally released on VHS only, and we’re now posting it in it’s entirely here on the site for all to enjoy.

Thanks to Primo having sponsored the project, we were able to feature 12 uniquely-styled riders: Brian Tunney, Dylan Worsley, Chad DeGroot, Brian Rybak, Chase Gouin, Aaron Behnke, James White, Nate Hanson, Leif Valin, Akira Okamura, Michael Steingraber, and Daniel Rigby, who has the closing section.

It’s now a decade later and flatland has evolved to the point of absurdity. The skill and difficulty level of today’s top riders is just unbelievable – even for me, a flatlander, it makes my head spin!

For all those who spend their days – and sometimes nights – riding back and forth more times than one could ever count in hidden parking lots or tennis courts; know what you’re doing is righteous. For me, the time I’ve spent alone with only my thoughts was time well spent, and literally set my course in life. Flatland is awesome.

Brian Tunney – Dianogah | Bad Houses
Dylan Worsley – Shyness Clinic | Stick to One Thing
Chad DeGroot – Turing Machine | On Form and Growth
Brian Rybak & Chase Gouin – Sharks Keep Moving | Interlude
Aaron Behnke & James White – Hikka | Oh Shit
Nate Hanson – Turing Machines | Flip-Book Oscilloscope
Leif Valin – Kilowatthours | All Things Regarding
Akira Okamura – Kincaid | Benjamin
Michael Steingraber – Cerberus Shoal | Omphalos
Danie Rigby – Madder Rose | The Love You Save

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I now only hope that one day it will be in DVD format. I still have the VHS tape of this and watch it all the time when I am home. This is the first flatland video I’ve ever watched. It’s a huge inspiration to me. Thanks again.

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