Props Issue 11 – BS Finals Daytona Beach, FL

Back in the mid-90s Mat Hoffman’s Bicycle Street contests were the shit, with street, vert, and flatland all being represented with both pro (stuntmen) and am (stuntboy) titles. The finals were held in Daytona Beach, FL in the fall of 1995.

Featuring Mat Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, John Parker, Josh Heino, Taj Mihelich, Chad DeGroot, Joe Rich, Rooftop, Rick Moliterno, Jay Miron, Michael Steingraeber, Kevin Robinson, Dave Osato, Stuart King, Eben Krackau, Rob Sigaty, Sandy Carson, Jon Taylor, Mike Ocoboc, Trevor Meyer, Chuck D, Rob Nolli, Jimmy Walker, Jason Brown, Todd Lyons, John Englebert, and other top riders of the day. Stew Johnson and Mark Losey even get clips!

This was shot in Hi8 cameras 16 years ago so the video might look a little sketchy.

Bracket | “Green Apples”
Alligator Gun | “Sinker”
The Misfits | “We Are 138″

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