Props Issue 28 – Oceanside, CA B3 Comp

Bruce Crisman, Rich Hirsch, Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Mike Ardelean, Jamie Bestwick, Butcher, Josh Heino, Dennis McCoy, Ruben Alcantara, and others tear up the Oceanside B3 course in this section from the fall of 1998.

Colin Mackay comments on the section, where he made his first ever appearance in a Props Issue.

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Brakeless way back.

The year was 1998, I was traveling with three other friends from Australia on a USA road trip. We slept in the rental van almost every other night, and we drove everywhere! As silly as flying into Los Angeles from Australia and driving straight to Woodward East in PA to catch a contest (Issue 27). We drove back west to Chicago, south to Austin, TX, and west to California for the Oceanside B3 contest.

My good mate and fellow road tripper, Clint Millar got to ride Pro in Oceanside, we were pumped for him! And he did really well, making the finals and all. Check him out on the bike coloured in pink, but he would swear it’s salmon haha. Watching Clint ride against Mirra and Miron was awesome. I remember Miron dropping in off the sub and 3 whipping the spine massive!

I rode in the Amateur class and in practice my brake mount snapped off my King Liberty frame. So off came the brake, I ended up taking 2nd place behind Bruce Crisman. I also got 2 clips in this Props edit, making my first appearance in Props! Both clips are on the box, one is bar to no foot can, and the other is a truck driver I believe. [Editor’s Note: we didn’t know who Colin was at the time so his clips aren’t name tagged.]

Getting in the Props video was unreal, we would always meet up at Clint’s house in Australia when the new Props came out, and to see us make it in this particular issue was something we only dreamed about. – Colin Mackay

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