PVM Archive Guest Pick – Adam Banton

We asked Adam Banton to pick out one of his favorite sections from our Props Video Magazine archives and we would post it. Here’s what he had to say about his pick – Issue 29s FBM Chenga Comp.

With so many segments from Props Video Magazine to choose from, Issue 29’s FBM Chenga Comp was an old favorite. Somewhere around this time is when I lived in the back room at the Chenga 1 Skatepark. This was a real interesting time for me (way before any paying sponsors). Mostly due to so many people coming and going from the park, making new friends every weekend, and of course people were filming the great sessions all the time. And most likely if it went down you could find it on that next issue of Props. Issue 29 reminds me of those summer sessions and being trapped indoors riding in the winter with great friends.

Heavy bikes, jeans getting baggier, sprockets bigger (Haha), and the first generation rider-owned companies. It seemed like the “D.I.Y” work ethic was at its peak, and the industry was in it’s infant stages of setting groundwork for what it has become today. Just looking at this old VHS cover brings back amazing memories with friends, and honestly, I feel lucky to have been able to experience BMX back then. Before the websites, Twitter, Facebook, Energy drink sponsors, and reality shows. It’s crazy to think it used to be like that, even for me, and I was there. That era in BMX only happened once and it was pretty cool. Just as BMX is now with all the styles and trends out there, this too will only happen once with you to be part of.

I guess what I’m saying is go out, ride, no matter what your style is and enjoy where BMX is today. – Adam Banton

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