Props Issue 3 – The Rampage Jam (vid dead)

The early 90′s Rampage Skatepark jams were some of the best BMX gatherings happening in the Midwest at the time. In fact Props itself was first formed when its founders met inside this building at a jam 1 year earlier. A time of baggy clothes, homemade t-shirts, and fledgling rider-owned companies, this section features Dave Freimuth, Jeremy Verhulst, Krt Schmidt, Paul Osicka, Joe Rich, Chris Young, Chad DeGroot, Robbo, Ed Koening, Ron Anderson, John Englebert, Sandy Carson, Colin Winkelmann, and others hitting the jump box, spine, flatground, and some trails in the backyard of the Standard Bykes house.

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  1. biz says:

    yo rye,let doyle and i do a pick of our favorite sections,we would be stoked

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