Props Issue 33 – Woodward Camp Part 2

Props Issue 32 – Woodward Camp Part 1
Props Issue 33 – Woodward Camp Part 2

During the summer of 1999 Nate Wessel was a permanent resident at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, where he was building ramps, riding, and filming. Over the summer he was able to compile a ton of footage of visiting pros and campers alike. There was so much footage in fact, that we decided to spread it out between 2 consecutive Issues.

Issue 33 featured part 2, where Jay Miron, Colin Winkelmann, Taj Mihelich, Ryan Nyquist, Bruce Crisman, Mat Hoffman, Ruben Alcantara, Afro Pat, Ron Kimler, Ralph Sinisi, Shawn Dorton, Jamie Bestwick, Joe Rich, Chris Hallman, Chad DeGroot, TJ Lavin and others hit up every part of the Woodward complex. Good times.

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