Props Issue 35 – Detroit Scene Report

Filmed by Ohio’s Afro Pat in the fall of 2000, we took a look at the scene in and around Detroit, Michigan in Issue 35. We asked Albe’s Mailorder co-owner, TM, and long-time Michigan rider/scenester Mark Flipowicz to take us back. Thanks Flip!

The guys over at Props asked me to do a little write up on the Detroit scene report in Props issue 35 so I figured I’d dig it out of my collection, dust off the VCR and give it a watch as I hadn’t seen it in years. You have no idea how stoked I was after watching it. I remember quite well when Afro Pat came out to film it. It’s hard to believe that this footage is all well over a decade old. We had a really good scene back then. Trails, Street, Flatland and Park….is all in here. Pretty well rounded. The best part though is that most of the people in this are still riding today. Some have even moved into the business end of BMX. Jason Suchan bought the park (TRP) where most of this was filmed at, Eric Block now owns 40 Distribution out in Chicago, Nate Moroshan is the Primo / Cardinal team manager, and I’m co-owner of Albe’s. Although a lot of the faces have changed we still have a super good scene these days. Hopefully Props will ask us to do another one soon.

Here are a few other things I learned watching this tonight:

  • Big sprockets look funny…..NOW.
  • Half the time the wrong brother is named is used when a Van Orman is riding.
  • Eric Block should have rode for 2Hip when he had the chance.
  • Most of the guys in this that are still riding don’t do any of the same tricks they did back then…including me.
  • My bike was orange almost a decade before Aaron Ross’ bike was.
  • VCR’s SUCK!


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