Props Issue 41 – Sebastian Keep Bio

Classic bio of Bas Keep from Issue 41, circa 2001. We had a chance  to catch up with Bas recently to reflect on the section from 11 years ago. Interview follows below.

When was the last time someone brought up your Bio?
Strangely a few people recently, Stew Johnson called me out on it at Xgames.

Give a quick update on your sponsors.
RedBull, Cult, Vans, Primo, Seventies, Stay Strong.

Have you been traveling much? Where have you been recently, and where is your favorite place to ride?
Been traveling a fair bit. Just recently spent a week in Oregon riding all the Parks there. Favourite place to ride would be T1, the trails in Austin, and cement.

Where are you living now? Liking it?
I’m spending most of my time at the moment in Austin, TX. I really like it, good weather good friends and good stuff to ride.

In your Bio, you said after visiting America for the first time it made you appreciate what you had back in England. How do you view riding and living in America vs England now?
Haha I’d never been to Austin and I think I said it like that because my first trip to America was to Woodward in winter and Florida.

Assuming they’re still around, have you ridden any of the spots from your Bio recently?
I can’t remember too well the stuff I rode in the Bio, but I’m assuming I rode Crowhurst ramps. I always go and ride there when I’m back in Hastings, it’s a sick ramp and I grew up riding it.

In your Bio, you ride street, trails, park, and vert. Are you still into all those? What do you like to ride the most?
Days at the trails here in Austin are too good. I hardly ever ride vert. My favourite thing to ride these days are big unique cement parks, I like trying to figure out how to ride the ones I’ve never ridden. I like riding street if it’s a brick tranny or something similar.

Still riding a back brake and gyro?
Still have a brake, no gyro.

Do you have Alli With an I on your iPod?
I don’t anymore.

Still having fun and progressing? What’s the latest trick you learned or pulled for the first time?
I think I’m still progressing, but I don’t really learn any new tricks anymore. Just having a lot of fun.

When was the last time you saw Mad Jon Taylor? Any good stories?
A few months ago. Jon is always coming out with the quotes! Last time I saw him he said he had the body of a 20 year old. That made me howl with laughter! We love Jon!

Who do you ride with the most these days?
I ride with Chase [Hawk] and Aaron [Ross] sometimes, all the dudes at the trails and whoever is in town. There are always people here.

Where do you see your riding going in the next 5 years? Planning any major steps?
No major plans, just continue to enjoy everything BMX. Doing a Red Bull project next year which I’m stoked on.

Richard Ball aka Boyley, who interviewed you in the Bio, sadly passed away a year later in 2002. How has his legacy lived on? Have you seen his statue in Sussex?
Everything changed when Boyley died but he’ll always be remembered. I’m so stoked the Hastings council put a statue of him on the seafront!!

Stu Dawkins, Dennis Wilson, everyone at Seventies, Robbie , Chase, Dak , Navaz and everyone on Cult. Rich at Red Bull, Andy Zeiss, Aaron Ross, Lacey, Hennon, and all my friends in Austin and Hastings. Everyone in BMX thanks for the inspiration.

Follow Bas on Twitter @sebastiankeep.

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