Props Issue 50 – Mat Hoffman Profile

Featured in Props Issue 50 from 2003, this is a classic full length profile of BMX legend Mat “The Condor” Hoffman, edited by Stew Johnson. As an amazing young vert rider, Mat came out of Oklahoma in the mid-80s and rode for companies like Skyway and Haro – and was a common sight on the magazine pages of Freestylin’ and Go the Rider’s Manual pushing the envelope with outrageous vert combination tricks. He went on to found Hoffman Bikes, star in popular video games, and befriend Evel Knievel. It is said he was the first person to do a handrail on a BMX bike, which helped open up an entire new genre of street riding. Mat is famous for his gnarly injuries and bizarre medical operations sometimes performed without anethesia.

In 2002 Mat wrote a 93,000 word autobiography entitled The Ride of My Life.

For a full bio and more info about Mat, visit his site at

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