Props Issue 60 – Adam Banton Profile

Brian Tunney, Leif Valin, Alex Perez and others interview a 31 year old Adam Banton about everything from Ohio winters, bikes in cements parks, his favorite color, to playing guitar. Adam filmed hard for the section, clocking footie from spots all over the US, and wrote much of the music heard throughout. Here’s what he had to say looking back on this full-length Profile.

I remember when there were talks about getting an interview for Props and I was instantly excited and honored. When the interview was confirmed and trips were being planned, I was nervous. There’s always something about trying to get that first clip for a project that seems a bit more stressful than all the others. Well except for maybe that last banger, or dream line. For me, from the minute realized I was getting a full interview, I treated it as a full-blown DVD video part. No fillers, no “could’ve done it better or cleaner”, none of that stuff. I remember saying to myself I wanted to be 100 percent happy with every clip I filmed. That way the end product I would be 100 percent happy with. Looking back at the time of this interview, things have changed a lot. Not just in BMX but where I was, where I have been, and where I am now. I can still remember all the trips I went on to film for this interview. The long days driving, the short road trips with friends, even the local sessions around Los Angles (where I was living at the time). But the one feeling for me hasn’t changed at all. Feeling proud of this interview. Maybe I stressed at times a bit too much or maybe I put unnecessary pressure on myself. Yet I am still happy with the outcome of the Interview and have no regrets about anything about the project. I wanna thank Props for allowing me to have an interview in one of their issues. I also want to thank all the filmers and friends that helped me get the footy along the way.

Hope you enjoy this for a second time around, or if you just started riding recently a first time. Thanks. – Adam Banton

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