Props Issue 63 – Credence Roadtrip Part 2

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Props Issue 62 – Credence Roadtrip – Part 1
Props Issue 63 – Credence Roadtrip – Part 2

In a hastily converted veggie oil-powered van with poorly cushioned weld-in bunks and a homemade NHTR-0145970 trailer in tow, New England riders Matt Aquizap, Brian Hunt, Joel Miller, Derrick Girard, Josh Heino, and Credence Bikes owner Clint Reynolds set out on a wild roadtrip from New Hampshire to New York. When not broke down from blown o-rings, clogged veggie filters, or no power, they had cops inspecting the trailer and were spilling smelly oil inside the van and all over gas station parking lots.

In a literal trail of destruction they hit up awesome trails spots, hidden cement vert walls, Mark Potoczny’s house, cement parks, Brandon Pundai’s trails, backyard ramps, rode plenty of street, and even speared fish, bathed in a reservoirs, and slept in parks to save cash. Clint, Derrick, and the crew cleverly solve all kinds of problems along the road, ghetto-rigging and fashioning things in order to keep going. This is a true BMX roadtrip!

Part 2 Music
Oakley Hall | “If I Was In El Dorado”
Kite Flying Society | “This Shadow”
Headlights | “Hi-Ya!”
Oh No! Oh My! | “Walk In the Park”

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