Props Issue 76 – Hitman Bikes Roadtrip

In early 2010 the Hitman Bikes team took a roadtrip through Southern California, hitting up street, skateparks, trails, and Tony Hawk’s private vert ramp. Riders include Ben Snowden, Jason Rosenthal, Nic Handy, Koji Kraft, Marquise Foster, Dave Mahoney, Ray Varela, Ricky Rogers, Matt “The Sez” Leviege, and Hitman owner Christian Simmonds.

With a team of characters like this that do things their own way, you know you’re gonna get some wild riding.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring | “Precious Rose”
Pinhead Gunpowder | “2nd Street”
Leatherface | “Monkfish”
Young Livers | “A Sad State of Affairs”

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