Props Issue 8 – PUSH Kill Yourself Jumping Jam

Classic 1995 trails jam at the infamous Pittsburgh, PA PUSH, featuring lots of young versions of dudes you’ll recognize like Robbo, Kris Bennett, Ground Chuck, Squirrel, Vaun Stout, Colin Winkelmann, Brock, Steve Crandall, Jody Donnelly, Chris Stevenson, the Strieby brothers, and more. This is the kind of thing that literally started modern trail riding.

Note: Back then we were shooting with Hi8 cameras, playing the footage through a Video Toaster for titling, and at the same time editing deck to deck recording to a S-VHS master as music was mixed in real-time. So some of these older sections are pretty fuzzy and pretty ghetto. A time before digital video and Final Cut Pro precision.


  1. I’ve been waiting to see this section again for years. Have you guys thought about making a documentary about the mid-school freestyle scene? I know you must have a ton of footage of that time and I think its way overdue. The FBM doc was great but I would love to hear about the entire scene back then. Please tell me something is in the works.

  2. uh… You forgot to post up the Strieby brothers in you details… lol.
    Strieby Trails… one of the Parents of Push.

  3. thanks for the upload rye,miss these times

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