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  1. Adrian Mitchell says:

    You guys should come and ride here in Idaho Falls Idaho, Put some videos on t.v. so I can be on please you guy’s you rock.

    – Adrian Mitchell

  2. Adrian Mitchell says:

    Will you guys sponsor me? How will I be able to get on your t.v. show?

  3. Roman says:

    I owned props issue 7 years ago. Could you give me the music list from it? There is a song on it I cant remember the name.

  4. wesam says:

    ey i was wondering if u guys can email me a part of road fools 17 i want to sow my friend the first part with aaron smith if its not a problem thanks

  5. ridge attardo aka shagarbage says:

    yo chad i was in da same cabin wit u and sean at woodward… anywho do u remeber? i was the kid that gave u and sean zebra cakes and foot rull ups and pringles

  6. RAndy fernandez says:

    Hey guys. You nedd come. To Miami is a nice places

  7. Lane says:

    yo props ive watched the tv show soo many times and ive always wondered what it takes to get on the show?

  8. Zack says:

    You need to come to west newberry mass it is good for street riding you will have fun and I have a ramp.

  9. Zack says:

    E-mail me and can I have the video for #20 for free

  10. ethan says:

    hi my name is ethan forque i am a 12 year old BMXer living in a small town called alvin,texas just south of houston me and my friends go ridin all over town all day every day i would love it if you guys could come down and get a little footagw

  11. brandt says:

    on the episode where aaron ross and some one else jumps up on to a trampoline and off what frame is on the tan bike when they do that?

  12. jack says:

    hey you guys…im from a small town in massachusetts called pembroke. i was wondering how i could get sponcered by you guys.thanks.

  13. Alex says:

    Hi props i liVe in a town called brighton in michigan we have no bike park or any thing all we have is a crappy park behinde meiger we call it meiger skate park i was woundering if you would fund mony to fix up are skate park and bring some profecinals to ride at it and show it off and stuff so i think that that would be sweet

  14. jack says:

    hey props SPONCER ME

  15. cameron says:

    hey guys u should come ride with me and my frend david were not that good but we dont care its all about haveing fun right i live in sanitarya springs ny my adress is 1029 state rout 7 u guys inspierd me to get out there an ride and iv ben tlking to brett from fbm bikes he sez u guys have been good frends for a whyel well at least hit me back plz thanks

  16. Dan says:

    Hey guys was just wandering when the next road fools will be out ? and which teams would be going head to head?

    • cameron says:

      hey guys u should come ride with me and my frend david were not that good but we dont care its all about haveing fun right i live in sanitarya springs ny my adress is 1029 state rout 7 u guys inspierd me to get out there an ride and iv ben tlking to brett from fbm bikes he sez u guys have been good frends for a whyel well at least hit me back plz thanks ur ik u guys bizy but plz hit some of us back plz

  17. cameron says:

    u gota hit some of us back

  18. Mike S. says:

    Hey, just watched Season 7. Episode 11 and wanted to know the soundtrack used. Really, im just looking for the name of the band that was instrumental, no words.. Thanks

  19. Greg says:

    I was wondering if, and when there was a new season of props coming to fuel tv? I love what you’ve been doing. Thank’s

  20. dan says:

    well, a problem that has bothered me for some years, so the longer you’ve been on a bmx, there more likely you are to be able to help… there was an old issue of props, where nate wessle did a rode trip with aron bosstrom i think was his name? well for years i have been trying to find the name out of the song that is playing when they first hit trails? its a kind of up beat metal tune? maybe someone can help? thanks anyways, and its not 10000 Cadillac’s by mushroom head :) as it is in the credits

  21. Denton says:

    when are ya’ll coming back to dallas?

  22. TJ says:

    wassup? i was just wonderin if you guys make props stickers and shirts. e-mail me 2 let me know and if you do how much are the shirts and if you have stickers, can i have some? if you e-mail me, ill e-mail you the adress that you should send them too. XD

  23. aaron whalen says:

    You guys should do a rock and roll tour with 500 Miles To Memphis!

  24. Jason Adauto says:


    Over the last ten years, my best friend Michael has been battling cancer. May of 2011, Michael had a third relapse with leukemia and was informed that he needed a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. He has gone through countless amounts of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and he has finally fought off cancer once again.

    At this time I am trying to plan an memorable party in mid January; in honor of him, to celebrate his life, his freedom [to do what he wants again], and to recognize everything he has been through. He loves biking (he owns BMX bikes) and has not been able to ride his bike for the last 3 months (doctors orders). Once January comes he will be free to jump back on that bike and ride again.

    At this time I was wondering if there would be any way to donate any type of special gift, letter, or something from Props. He is a perpetual Props fan. If Props is willing to donate a gift of some sort we would definitely recognize you guys in the event program under our sponsors. (Anything would work) I really hope you could consider this. We are striving to make this a very memorable party for him.

    Thanks for your consideration


    Jason Adauto

  25. Joe says:

    Are you guys still doing the yearly dvd hardcopy subscription?

  26. Aaron says:

    Hi Props, I just had a quick question in which I have gotten various answers from. Does a stoppie or endo count as landed if you pedal away forward instead of rolling out? Thanks agains

  27. Spencer says:

    Is there going to be another season of props on fuel tv?

  28. BOBBY MYERS says:


  29. Doug pashuta says:

    Back in the day you had some footage of me doing a loop and rubbing the lip of the box with a Mohawk helmet at 4 wheels out. Where could I find that? Anyone seen McKiever lately? This message will self destruct in 30 seconds to all the posers that don’t know what is what.

  30. Ashley Burge says:

    We are in dire need of your guy’s help. We have some young teens that would like to become pro at BMX’ing, but have no one to help them with their tricks besides a girl who can only help them verbally. They need someone to show them what to do. We were hopeing that you guys could come down to Southern Cali to hang out with these youngings and help them progress for the day. If you guys can help, email me. Please and thank you.

  31. Chance says:

    What is the name of the song you guys used in the OWNED trailer? I have been looking for it forever, and I know I am not the only one(if you read the comments on youtube.com). An answer would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  32. hi …. a i have props mags since issue 3 … and like know what happen about issue 79??? are coming or not ??? no have more issues?? thanks a lot

  33. tyler says:

    if you guys do a new season u should come up to KCK

  34. lesibakerley says:

    i love bmx and askprops in the boss or best in bmx video and chad kerley is the eish

  35. Jason Abbott says:

    how would i go about getting on road fools

  36. Blae Bradow says:

    heyy you guys should come to toowoomba and ride some of our gay skate parks you might make them more fun but yeah come to toowoomba Australia we all watch your youtube clips and maby you can teach us some stuff

  37. Eric Jones says:

    In June of 2013 were opening a BMX Park & Training Facility in Piqua Oh. We are currently selling advertisements to help with our cost. We would be happy to speak with you to discuss our plans further & see what level of advertisement is right for you. Plaese feel free to contact me at anytime, We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank You
    Eric Jones

  38. james kennedy says:

    i really hope u can help me with this. i was on the cover of issue 46 over a decade ago back when i rode flatland.im trying to find a legit copy of the video for nostalgic reasons but i noticed it is sold out. i would really appreciate if anyone could find me a copy of issue 46 and i would gladly pay/order it. hope someone can help… email me if u or anyone can get a copy of it . thanx

  39. noah says:

    I am 13 years old and it has been my dream to be on props road fools since I was 10 I started riding bmx at the age of 6, I was wondering if u guys would let me go on tour sometime thanks.

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