Query? – Dean Dickinson & the Bicycle Film Fest

The Northwest’s own pool fiend Dean Dickinson has a few things playing at the Bicycle Film Festival coming to Portland, Oregon February 24-26th, among them the Pink Motel Pool Party section from Issue 76. We hit ’em with a few questions about his involvement with the event.

What is the Bicycle Film Festival and how did you get involved?
The Bicycle Film Festival is a bike themed touring film festival that travels all over the world. BMX, road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes, etc. I became involved with the Portland showing because Mark Lewman told Brendt Barbur (the founder of the BFF) that I could help with some of the BMX stuff. We were gonna try and have a TEAM SHRALP event during the festival but the weather in Portland during the month of February isn’t very solid. So instead TEAM SHRALP is gonna be showing the Pink Motel Pool Party and the “Get It Flat” jam videos instead. Plus, BMX At Burnside, a mini documentary I created, will be showing during the event as well. Stoked!

Can you give us some history on the Pink Motel Pool Party?
TEAM SHRALP’s Pink Motel Pool Party was in celebration of my 100th pool ridden. The event was an invite-only BMX jam held in the empty swimming pool at The Pink Motel. Only the most devoted pool riders on the planet we invited along with supporters/friends of TEAM SHRALP. The Pool Party took almost two years to fundraise for but we finally made it happen.

When and where can people view your vids being playing at the Portland BFF?
On Saturday, February 25th at 7pm TEAM SHRALP’s “Get It Flat Jam” and The Pink Motel Pool Party will be playing at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Any plans for Jams in 2011?
TEAM SHRALP is scheduled to hold a benefit concert in Portland on Tuesday, February 22nd in Portland, Oregon at the East End Bar/Venue. Surf rock, punk rock, and metal bands will be playing the show. All proceeds go towards Portland’s future concrete public skateparks. Stay tuned for the flyer/press release.

And hopefully this summer TEAM SHRALP will be holding a book release party/jam for my 100 Pools book You Won’t. Stayed tuned for more details. Plus, we have a couple more ideas floating around for some summer jams as well. TBA!

Thanks Dean. End.

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