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I had this long drawn out paragraph about how I met Leigh and how much of an influence he has been on so many people’s lives and this that and the other. But the more I wrote, the more I realized that Leigh’s introduction doesn’t need to be a drawn out life story. I’m sure he would prefer it not to be. So I’ll make this a little bit shorter and a bit more to the point.

Leigh is the type of guy who wears a lot of hats. He plans trips, buys plane tickets, shoots photos and video, still is a great bike rider (also just as sketchy as ever), and is even on his way to becoming a dad. But what Leigh does best is often overlooked, and that is he just always remembers what BMX is about. BMX is fun. We ride bikes, it’s fun and that’s why we do it. When people start to get to serious is when Leigh can step in, make one smart-ass comment and make everyone start laughing hysterically. People like Leigh are exactly what BMX needs more of, and I am lucky to be able to call him a friend. – Terrell Gordy

Leigh in Arizona. Photo by Terrell Gordy.

Leigh, how goes it?
It goes good, thanks for asking.

I guess first things first, who are you and what do you do? I know your job title these days go far beyond just as the TM for Eastern Bikes.
I started out here as a pro rider and eventually as I got older transitioned to working full time at Eastern. My actual title here is Media Coordinator. So I guess I do anything related to the media. It can be anything from handling the team to shooting product photos to answering emails from kids to editing videos and more. Plus I will sit in meetings about new products and help with colors and names. I change out the water at the water cooler too.

Leigh shooting product for Eastern Bikes.

So you’ve been with Eastern for 10 years now. In the world of BMX that’s a long time. I watched a 10 year old do a tailwhip the other day, which is pretty wild I would say.
Yeah man, the BMX thing sure has gone through some changes. It’s awesome showing up somewhere and seeing a young shredder. BMX has changed a lot since I started at Eastern but when it comes down to it, the feeling you get from being on a bike is the same.

Since you’ve been with Eastern the company has had a sort of face lift from a small NC based bike company to now a pretty predominate figure in modern BMX. Do you think you might have contributed to that transition from old to new?
A lot of hard work. The owners, Mike Corely and Jon Byers have seriously worked their asses off to get Eastern where it is today. Plus we have a tight crew that have been working here for a while now and get it done. The team also helps with the image of Eastern. I like how diverse everyone is on the team. That’s all I can say, if I divulge any more on how with got to where we are then other up-and-coming companies might do it and knock us down, haha.

Leigh in an Eastern Bikes ad, 2004.

You have a pretty unique sense of humor and always seem to be in high spirits about things. Every trip that I’ve gone on with you is normally full of laughing and joking. Can you explain this of sense of humor you have? Do you think it rubs off on people at times?
Trips are all about fun. If you can’t have fun on a trip then something is wrong, not to say that sometimes I stress on trips but being the TM can get like that. As for my sense of humor, that is attributed to my dad. He was a wild person. When I was 14 my friends were all in my bedroom reading BMX magazines and he opened the door and threw in a whole brick of lit firecrackers, closed the door and wouldn’t let us out until the screaming stopped, haha. He was always doing crazy shit. Thanks pop.

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